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Branding crystallises your values, USPs, goals and vision into one powerful concept that communicates your message. So as your business grows and matures, it’s only natural that your branding should too. Organisations that fail to keep up with their own development risk getting stuck in a rut and confusing their audience, meaning it’s crucial to update your brand as your business evolves.

Is your brand in the middle of an identity crisis? Let’s take a look at the tell-tale signs that it’s time to rebrand your business.


One of the ground rules of branding is consistency. If your website is saying one thing, your logo says another, and your printed materials say something else altogether, it’s time to return to the drawing board.
Every touchpoint with your audience should be singing from the same hymn sheet, from the colours of your branding to the tone of voice in your content, or you could leave your customers confused and alienated.


Often, mixed messages are a sign that your company’s values and goals have evolved, or that your team isn’t on the same page about your branding. Everyone within your business should buy-in to the brand that portrays your organisation, so spend some time pinpointing what you want this to say.

Are you a conscientious, eco-friendly brand, a young, fun-loving company, or a professional organisation with unrivalled expertise? Establish your identity, and ensure that every element of your branding reflects it.


Your business may be clear on its ethos and vision, but does this mirror what your customers think? Many organisations find themselves fighting an uphill battle when trying to shift public perception of their business. If this sounds all too familiar, a rebrand could be just what the doctor ordered to shed your old skin once and for all.


An audit of your business can reveal the above, but the most obvious sign that your brand needs a revamp is low engagement with your audience. If your marketing efforts are getting a poor response, your branding could be to blame. An eye-catching brand with a clear message is far more likely to secure the return on investment you seek, by grabbing the attention of your target audience.

Your brand isn’t a static entity; it should be a fluid concept that shifts and matures alongside your business. So if you can relate to any of these tell-tale signs, it may be time to consider a rebrand, to bring your branding in line with the message and direction of your organisation.

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