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5 Signs It’s Time To Switch Designer

5 Signs It’s Time To Switch Designer

handsDesign is integral to the branding and marketing of a business, so when partnering with an agency or freelancer, you should be able to rest assured that your designer is on the ball and full of ideas. Outsourcing your design needs to an expert means they should never wane from delivering results that consistently meet your expectations.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so prescient, and a graphic designer could be taking you for a ride, delivering sub-standard work whilst still expecting a handsome payment. Here are a few signs you should look elsewhere, lest it ends up costing more in the long run…


Okay, we’re not idealists – disagreements can crop up, and different opinions are healthy when forging a new aesthetic or deliberating on branding. However, you are in the driving seat, and you’re paying them to bring your vision to life. If your designer is too stubborn for their own good, you should find someone with less of an ego. 


On the other end of the scale, a designer needs to be engaged and considerate about the task at hand. Not caring enough – as in, ignoring your calls or taking weeks to provide updates – reeks of undeserved credibility. Although design firms often have dozens of jobs on the go, they shouldn’t put you to the back of their mind when other projects come up.

Inflated pricing 

Many designers recognise the burden of branding on an SMEs finances, and do their best to make the costs more manageable. Start-up packages can lessen the strain and build a good relationship for the future, whilst retainer fees are perfect for large or ongoing projects. If neither of these options are on the table, your designer probably isn’t inclined to help you out. 

business startup design package - logo design

Slapdash results

When something’s done, it should be done right. The opposite is inexcusable and betrays the trust you place in them. Handing you a website, for instance, full of inconsistent formatting and jumbled images that don’t tie together points towards a lackadaisical approach. If designers don’t have the focus or time to make their assignment look professional, there’s little to be gained from taking it on in the first place.

Out of touch

 A graphic designer, particularly one who offers web design, should know two things: how software developments will impact your business, and what inspiration you can glean from the design world at large.

Information and intelligence may not be the same thing, but an intelligent person collects what they know to their advantage. Someone who rests on their laurels and fails to keep up with industry developments will begin to produce tired, outdated, and mediocre results.

A good designer should leave you with no doubt in your mind that they are the perfect partner for your business, so don’t settle for second best when outsourcing your design work. Tarling Design has the chops to give you time and expertise with no caveats, providing a service you’ll keep coming back to.

If you’re considering switching web or graphic designer, look no further – email rhian@tarlingdesign.com for a free quote today!  

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