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5 Visual Ways To Display Your Content

5 Visual Ways To Display Your Content




Web content is the DNA of prospective interest, and business owners have to consider what gets a message across loud and clear if they want to drive online traffic, engage their audience and ultimately secure sales.

Breaking up text and data with visual media is a great way to deliver on these objectives, adding a splash of colour and personality to your content that will hammer your message home.

Here are 5 visual tricks for displaying your content in the best possible way:

Thought-provoking images

A clever image placement can hold someone’s attention far longer than reams of white and black text. It doesn’t matter how good your writing is – no-one wants to read the next Ulysses when they’re looking for a local plumber.

Tactile photographs and graphics provide a breather from dense copy. You might want to consider placing one between every two paragraphs or so, and mixing up where they sit on the page.

Illustrative infographics

An infographic is incredibly useful for grouping benefits and stats together. Whether you have a complex service that needs breaking down into stages, or a report with a ton of data behind it, infographics are a visual way to display key data that’s far superior to bullet points.


Explainer videos

Explainer videos lay out your cards in an easy-to-understand way, giving a concise overview of who you are and what you do. Consumers can see first-hand how a product or service will benefit them, pushing them ever closer to a sale. However, be careful not to appear cheesy – think about what you’d want to see if the tables were turned.

Insightful screenshots

Every venture makes rich claims about the deliberation taken to ensure this or that is the greatest purchase ever. People are wary, though, of hyperbole; the internet is full of it, which makes it hard to ever trust what’s being said.

Letting site visitors get a glimpse of software, hardware, or items in their prototype stage goes some way to addressing this issue. Apart from proving your bravado, it adds to a sense of narrative, laying the steps of your business journey bare for all to appreciate.

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Inspiring backgrounds

An inspirational background image can literally place your vision on the horizon. Home pages, in particular, can use a stunning background to sucker punch the casual web browser.

You can experiment with a little free-association: in other words, don’t be too literal, and let audiences join some dots on an emotional level. A tech firm, for instance, could use sweeping fields of grass to glamorise how eco-friendly it is.

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Here at Tarling Design, the mandate is always to bring your business to life through eye-catching design. Together, we’ll set the stage for your content to sing more loudly than ever. Get in touch to discuss how graphic design can take your brand to the next level.



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