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Branding: It’s So Much More Than a Logo

Branding: It’s So Much More Than a Logo

If you’ve deliberated long and hard over your company logo, well done: you’ve likely centered on what makes a unique symbol of what you’re all about that will speak volumes to your audience.

The essence of your brand doesn’t stop there though. You should carry that same awareness over to every corner of the business. Cohesion, after all, is a great persuasive tool! Tarling Design is here with a few pointers, to ensure that your branding sings from the same page when communicating your message.

Know Your Audience

It’s impossible to please everyone as a brand, so know your audience and ensure it appeals to the people you want to do business with. It’s obvious, for instance, that Marks & Spencer go after fine diners who can afford to splash out on a wine-and-meal deal every now and then.

Grasping your target audience will allow you to showcase products and services that might appeal to them. Often, the route to doing so relies on intuition and market research, so be prepared to put yourself in the shoes of a stranger.

Value Yourself

Identifying the core beliefs and values of your business will not only cement goals firmly in your mind; it will make it easy for people to understand what you stand for. What do you get out of bed for in a morning? Have you got an achievable plan of action? Do you have a winning formula for customer satisfaction? Pinpoint these specifics, to give your brand meaning.

Content is Key

Design is an integral part of any website, but the content you fill the pages with has an equal monopoly on the interest you generate. Thoughtful, well-written content will do your graphic design justice, to reinforce the message you’re trying to convey. Whether that’s blog posts, product pages or testimonials, content can engage your audience to keep them on your site for longer.

Sell, Sell, Sell!

Following on from the above point, it’s also crucial to sell the best sides of your service. Laying out the most amazing features you offer is akin to wearing a stunning dress for an occasion: you might be the same underneath, but the whole package is so much more attractive. Featuring digestible USPs on your website and marketing collateral wastes no time hammering home your capabilities. It’ll show you have a no-fuss attitude when it comes to getting things done confidently, that you’re intimately certain of your skillset.

Eye-catching design is important, but so too is the branding behind it. A company lives or dies depending on the promises it can keep. If you outline those promises early, infused into the veins of your branding, then success will surely follow. By taking the time to nurture your brand, your customer base will start to grow faster than you thought possible.

Need a few pointers on your branding and logo design? Get in touch today for a free quote.

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