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Create An Eye-Catching Business Card Design

Create An Eye-Catching Business Card Design

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You’ll undoubtedly be aware of how useful a business card can be. As a marketing tool, it’s hard to beat: when making face-to-face contact with a prospect, the stripped down, simple message you’ll put in their hand is your greatest chance of translating communication to hard sales.

As such, your business card design should not be taken lightly. When so much can ride on this small but mighty card, you want a sentiment that stays on-brand whilst projecting clarity and professionalism. Read on for tips to create a business card that bowls prospects over:

The colour of money

Since this could be someone’s abiding opinion of you, it’s vital to make your business card appropriate to your venture. A plumber, for instance, would not choose a childish font in plump, primary colours. On the other hand, a bright, colourful design will demonstrate flair for someone in the creative industries.

Tie your card into the colour scheme of your brand, but consider toning down vibrant palettes. At the end of the day, you’re trying to elicit a response from the recipient; if they want to delve deeper, you can direct them to your website.

Space is your friend

With such a tight scope for laying out important info, business cards need to cut to the chase. Give your company name centre stage; dedicating an entire side to this will allow you to display your logo without squashing it into a corner.

Above your contact details, consider printing an elegant phrase that surmises your brand, USP or values. As for the contact details, remember to include social media plugs along with your phone number and email address.

Shape their interest

‘Card’, in this context, is quite a loose term. It’s always thrilling to see something that isn’t your standard, thin rectangle. We’ve seen all sorts over the years – glitter paper, wood, even embroidered designs cut like a star. The sky is the limit when designing a business card, but make sure it’s relevant to what you do. A card with interactive elements, like a pull-out flag, would be perfect for a signage company but wholly unsuited to an accountant, for instance.

Embrace abstract

People don’t like being hit over the head with a message, so it can be useful to filter your brand through fairly abstract imagery. Looped circles denote creativity, whilst hard lines can be associated with a more direct approach.

A technician, for example, is unlikely to inspire with a pair of pliers – it’s as unsubtle as a jackhammer. Finding a sweet spot between obvious aesthetics and free interpretation portrays you as someone who thinks beyond clichés.


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With so much to pack into your business card, you’d be forgiven for second guessing what’s effective. Knowing your brand and audience is the foundation of great marketing, and you should use your imagination to create a compelling message in such a bite-sized form.

Tarling Design can work with you to create an eye-catching business card design, so get in touch to start your free design assessment!

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