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New Year, New Branding

New Year, New Branding

It’s January, so that can mean only one thing… New Year’s resolutions!

As is the case every year, you’ll have seen plenty of articles and blogs about New Year’s resolutions in the last couple of weeks: dos, don’ts and tips for how to stick to them. And we all know what happens with the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions… they fail!

This blog is not intended to be an in-depth study of just why all our well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions end up on the scrapheap (usually by the end of January!). It is intended to offer you a new year’s resolution that can work! This is one that, if you do it well, can have a massive impact on the success of your business.

This is not a pie-in-the-sky, unrealistic resolution that is doomed to failure from the off. This is one that with a bit of thought can easily be achieved… branding your business.

Here are some tips for making the New Year a time for New Branding.

The Importance of Branding

From global giants to SMEs to one man/woman bands – if you are in business, you need a brand. Presenting a professional image and a consistent identity across everything you do, from your website to your social media is vital. It doesn’t have to cost the Earth either – but it does need some thought. And the time you spend considering what you want your brand to be is time very well invested.

As with resolutions, January makes good sense as a time to rebrand: New Year, New Start and New You. January is a good time to reflect on the current position of your business, review the last 12 months, and consider where you want to be 12 months from now.

Whether you are just starting up and thinking about what you want your brand to be or you are considering a full rebrand – a business brand makeover – there a few things you need to consider.
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Go Back to Basics 

In business, you should keep your customers close and your competition closer. Your business branding needs to showcase your ethos and values and appeal to your target audience. It also needs to help you stand out from your competition. Researching your competition’s branding is always a good start. It will help you to establish what works well and what doesn’t. It will also help you to think of a way of doing things a bit differently and of standing out from the crowd.

Simple is Best 

It’s easy to over-complicate things when it comes to branding. Simplicity is the most important thing. The key thing is that from the moment a prospect visits your site, your brand is clearly communicated to them. You also need to give a consistent message – throughout your site, all over your social media – and across all your marketing. From your logo to your letterheads, everything needs to sing your brand.

You need to think about what your message is before you can design an effective way of communicating it.

Play to Your Strengths

Your strengths are your business – the products or services that you offer. Unless you are a branding or design whizz, then it makes sense to employ the services of a branding specialist. These are the professionals that are best-placed to turn your vague ideas, wishes and wants into a brand that will help your business fly. They need to understand your business, your market and, most importantly, your ethos to be able to come up with a winning brand.

If you are building a new business, you need a brand. And if you are an existing business, the start of a new year is a great time to rebrand.

If you want to take your business to the next level in 2017, get in touch with Tarling Design today to find out how I can help you with your new branding.



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