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Setting up a new business is a delicate operation of bringing limited funds and big ideas together. There are endless tips out there for entrepreneurship, and it can be quite baffling formulating a plan for your start-up that suits your individual business.

Never fear, though – Tarling Design is on hand to help, with some expert tips on easy, cost-efficient ways to skyrocket your start-up in those fledgling stages of growth…


It’s easy enough to share your work or opinions on social media platforms. However, like becoming a good chess player, it’s all about learning the basics and picking the right moves.

It may feel as if you’re shouting to an empty room at first, but consistent hashtags and an array of retweets relevant to your speciality are the building blocks of a great social media channel. Gradually, it will form a sense of authority, casting you as the expert in your chosen field.


Before you’re in a position to support a team of employees, hiring a freelancer or two will give you the support and expertise you need to grow. Freelancers can give you content, web design and more at flexible rates, and look at your business from a valuable outsider’s perspective. A freelancer’s reputation rests entirely on their ability to meet deadlines, so don’t worry about not getting what you pay for.

It’s worth noting that dipping into these waters will bring you into contact with a wide range of professionals who have dealt with many businesses like yours. Learn from their experiences, to ensure you get it right first time.



It’s no use starting an online cleaning company if your logo is encased in a cobweb. Your branding is the first and most memorable touchpoint of your business, so think long and hard about what you do, what makes you unique, and what you are trying to achieve.

Market research and branding services can be infinitely useful, enabling you to formulate a brand that could be iconic in years to come. It can’t hurt to ask a large cross-section of your audience about their initial impression of your brand image; if anything, it’ll save a lot of pain further down the line.




This goes without saying, but a website is a crucial investment for your business. There’s no point handing out business cards at networking events without having somewhere for your contacts to find out more afterwards. No-one succeeds in the modern marketplace without a professional website, so prioritise establishing your online presence.

With so many things on your to-do list, it can be difficult to know where to start when getting your new venture off the ground. Follow these tips to turn the tide in your direction when building your start-up, and don’t be afraid to ask others for support.

Looking for branding, design and marketing support? Get in touch with Tarling Design for a free quote, to discover how I can help your start-up reach its full potential.